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Bonginator - The Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot Vinyl LP | solid gold / solid purple marble

31.05.2024 Item #: TR 036LP Testimony Records

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Welcome to the sanctuary of sonic brutality! Prepare to be engulfed in the interstellar chaos of death metal as we proudly present the first full album by the mighty BONGINATOR: "The Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot." This monumental album is an inexorable voyage into the darkest corners of the universe, where ferocious riffs collide with thunderous drums to create a sonic maelstrom that knows no bounds. BONGINATOR's uncompromising approach to death metal is on full display, with each track serving as a visceral testament to their mastery of the genre. "The Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot" is not merely an album; it's an interstellar odyssey through the realms of death metal intensity. From guttural growls to blistering guitar solos, BONGINATOR unleashes a sonic assault that will leave you breathless and craving for more. The album also features Bonginator friends like Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg, Mutilation Barbecue, Scab Hag, Snuffed On Sight and Texas Ketamine. Available on CD and LP, the vinyl version comes on beautiful gold and purple wax. Embrace the chaos, embrace the darkness, and join the legions of metalheads who have succumbed to the cosmic onslaught of BONGINATOR's "The Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot."
BONGINATOR are part of a new wave of young death metal aficionados that embrace the old school values of the style but add a fresh approach. This might cause a heart attack with those who think that the genre became too open-minded after 1986, but BONGINATOR are best described as the missing link between the good old days and death metal here and now. Metal and weed are an already established combination that has already found outlet in such well-established acts as Cannabis Corpse and Weedeater. BONGINATOR were not founded as challengers to such incumbents, but frontman Erik Thorstenn started with a strong vision to carve out his own musical claim when he founded the band in the New England state of Massachusetts during the year 2022. Taking inspiration from classic 80s horror and action movies is a given in this scene, but BONGINATOR blend old school death metal, crazy caveman riffs and the lunacy of 90s Colombian drumming with the relentless brutality of Slayer and even 80s synth-wave elements. Although BONGINATOR are obviously nodding to the past, the are definitely looking towards the future, hence their infamous claim „two-stepping neon weed death“.

01. Intro II
02. Intergalactic Gorebong Of Deathpot (ft. Devin Swank)
03. Zombie Party Rockers
04. Brined, Smoked, And Deep Fried (ft. Mutilation Barbecue)
05. 420lb Poop
06. Blunt Smoke Interlude
07. Blunt Smoke Suffocation (ft. Scab Hag & Snuffed On Sight)
08. Fucking The Wounds
09. From The Ashtray
10. Ritualistic Marijuana-Related Anal Defilement
11. It Makes Babies (ft. Texas Ketamine)
12. Chopped 2 Pieces

LP (gold and purple vinyl) incl. 2-page DIN A2-poster insert, polylined inner sleeve and protection sleeve (500 copies available)

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