Temple Of Dread - World Sacrifice Vinyl LP | Green/Black Marble

11.08.2023 Item #: TR 024LPC-1 Testimony Records

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The north German Death Metal Band Temple of Dread was spawn in 2017 by guitarist/bassist Markus Bünnemeyer and his school friend Frank Albers (lyrics). Along with drummer/producer Jörg Uken (Soundlodge Studios) and vocalist Jens Finger (Slaughterday) the first full-length album "Blood Craving Mantras" was already recorded in late 2018 and released in 2019 on Testimony Records.

Driven by the enthusiastic feedback on the debut album, Temple of Dread started working on new songs immediately: The new album "World Sacrifice" was first released on July 24th 2020 and its name says it all! It contains eight new brain-drilling and head-splitting songs as well as a cover version of the Morgoth classic 'Sold Baptism'.

"Of course, the music still pays homage to fast old school Death Metal, but you can recognize a development", says Bünnemeyer. "We've put a lot of small changes, experiments and improvements to the new songs. Jens and Jörg have made a big contribution to the songwriting. The album takes no prisoners and it will kick your ass from the first note to the last!"

1. World Sacrifice
2. Commands from a Black Soul
3. Enforcers of the Vile
4. Symbiotic Delusion
5. Machine
6. Alive I Rot
7. Dedication
8. Sold Baptism
9. Blood Craving Mantra

LP (light green/black marbled) incl. printed inner sleeve and protection sleeve (500 copies available)

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