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Carnal Tomb - Osseous Sarcophagus

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CARNAL TOMB is currently one of the most feral underground death metal bands hailing from Berlin, Germany. Their aggressive take on the early stages of death metal blends sheer aggression with morbid melodies, and though we're talking about classic old school death metal, the band does not limit itself to a certain style or regional sound, but creates their own mixture out of classic as well as newer influences of the genre. „Osseous Sarcophagus“ is a compilation of rare non-album tracks, taken from the „Descend“ EP, the „Festering Presence“ EP and the „Sinister Congregation“ split with Gravehammer. It's the first time that these songs are compiled on a single release - this is classic death metal to drag you into the depths of the tomb.

1. Osseous Sarcophagus
2. Festering Presence
3. Dust
4. Vast Crypts
5. Dormant Cadavers
6. Burial Rites

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